Friday, April 9, 2010

Ruthie update: 4/9, 5:30 pm

Talked to Will a bit ago and it sounds like it's been a very difficult day. The doctors have tried repeatedly to insert the lumbar drain, but the attempts have been unsuccessful. They have been unable to get the drain in just the right spot. The procedure is very similar to an epidural, so needless to say, it's been painful to have them try so many times.

Will said the doctors decided to take Ruthie to another room so that they could use a camera to help them insert the lumbar drain more accurately. Please pray that it works so that another surgery doesn't become necessary. Apparently there has been a lot of fluid leakage (Will wasn't sure if all of it has been spinal fluid) seeping out through the incision today.

One promising thing to report is that Ruthie described her pain as an "ache" while the pain is still there, it sounds a bit more moderated. I think the doctors have continued to make adjustments with her medication and provide more comfort for her.

Will passed along several prayers requests:

*Pray that the lumbar drain works and that they will be able to drain the fluid out without another surgery

*Pray that they can get everything (pain, fluid, etc.) under control and more stabilized day to day so that they can begin to plan to go home

*Pray for rest. Even though Ruthie got a little more sleep last night, it still was probably only about 3 hours. And Will needs some good sleep as well.

Hopefully will know more soon about whether the attempt to insert the drain has been successful.



  1. Dear Ruthie,
    We know that God has commanded His angels to watch over you. I am picturing those powerful and majestic beauties coming and going in your room as they do God's bidding. I am praying that you will be able to rest and that the Shalom peace of God will surround you inside and out. We are also asking for the Lord to stick his finger into the place where the fluid is leaking and command it to stop. We are asking praying and believing God's best for you in this time of recovery. You are precious to many whom you have never even met.

  2. still praying for Ruthie. Does she check her facebook page? because I friend requested her on facebook but I am sure that she will answer when she has time. Its times like these where I wish I could do more then just pray. But considering that I dont know Ruthie personally, I will just pray for now.

    Dear God

    I pray that you would surround ruthie and will with your love. you are the great doctor and with you all things are possible. I pray that you would allow the doctors to insert the tube and that the leakage would stop. I pray that Ruthie would get some sleep. that you would wrap your arms around her and that she would feel your love and be at peace. does Ruthie read these comments? I hope so becuase I want to encourage her. I will start posting verses for Ruthie to read if she would like that :)


  3. praying for you Ruthie as I go to sleep tonight. lots of love sister!! I dont know you but I feel connected to you from reading ur blog and reading the facebook page. I will try to post a verse for you to read every day. today I want to share "Do Not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may be able to test and approve what the will of God is, his good, pleasing and perfect will." Romans 12:2