Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ruthie Update - 4/6, 9:30 am

Hi friends,

This is Caroline, and I'm one of Ruthie's friends who will be updating the blog (along with Katherine) as I hear from Will. Ruthie went into surgery about 7.45 am this morning, and the first part of the operation to remove the wire started at 9.46 am. The doctors will update Will every 2 hours on the progress, so he should know more around 10.30 am. The surgery will last between 5 and 6 hours, and Will will be able to see Ruthie around 4-5 pm this afternoon.

Will said Ruthie was scared but strong this morning, as she went into the operating room, and it sounds as though the staff at the Mayo clinic is caring for them both very well.

Will said their biggest prayer right now is that there would be no spinal fluid leakage. (Ruthie will be in the ICU overnight, so they can keep an eye on this.)

We should have another update for everyone in a few hours...

Caroline & Katherine

Prayer today:

If anyone in Nashville is interested in prayer for Ruthie and Will, there is a group meeting today (April 6) at Sevier Park near the parking lot at 12th and Kirkwood until at least 1 pm. Parents, bring your kids, and they can play at the park. Musicians, bring your instruments.

Donation link:

To donate to Ruthie's medical costs, visit this link, where a fund has been set up by Ruthie's hometown bank in St. Francisville, LA: http://www.bsf.net/ (The link is at the bottom left of the page.)

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  1. We love you both, Will. You are in our thoughts and prayers today. Kate & Molly's school, St Bernard Academy, asked all the students to pray for Ruthie today during the announcements. That's almost 300 students - I bet they get heard!! xoxo