Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ruthie update: 4/7, 3:30pm

Ruthie is now out of ICU and in her own private room! She will be equipped with high speed wireless internet access and hopefully will be able to read all the wonderful comments and encouraging messages so many people have been sending her way. She is currently in a considerable amount of pain (some of that from being transferred), so keep praying for comfort and rest for her body.

I will be posting a couple of photos is of the wire that was removed from her neck and the other is a scan of the fusion that was done between the C1 and C3 vertebrae in her neck. Stay tuned.


**if anyone is interested in knowing where to send cards, etc. until she leaves this weekend (hopefully!), please email me at for room information.


  1. Hey "Woofie" - it's Kate. I hope you get better - I know you can do it!! I love you very much.

    Ruthie (it's Kathy now...) You are so strong and I am so proud of you. Keep your spirits up and I can't wait for your return to Nashville. All our love. xoxo

  2. woot! woot! i cant believe how swiftly this is all moving. i am sooo thankful its gone so well thus far. youre a gem and your daddy is watching over you.

  3. ruthie...this is kendy probably do NOT remember me, but i am married to john kosko who knows you from your summer at desoto (his at alpine)....i stayed at your apt. in chattanooga YEARS ago when john and i were just were so sweet and hospitable to me....i have been following your journey as we have many mutual happy to know that you are out of ICU and hoping that your pain lessens every day.....out prayers are with you! xoxo from the koskos

  4. SO glad to hear that things are moving in the right direction Ruthie! The Lord keeps putting you on my heart to remind me to pray for you. Praying for continued and speedy recovery. Much love, Renee Manuel

  5. Been praying for you Ruthie, I always remember you on that stage at DeSoto dancing and hope you'll be up and at 'em soon!
    love, grace collins thompson

  6. Ruthie, you are so loved! We are all rejoicing that the surgery went so well and will be praying for your pain to go down a LOT. Continuing to pray for your recovery. You are so brave!! What a surgery to undergo.

  7. Great to hear that Ruthie is healing. I heard about Ruthie's surgery on facebook a few days ago and then decided to follow her blog as well. I dont even know you Ruthie but know that I am praying for you!! i pray that God would restore your body and that you woudlnt be in a lot of pain. I pray also that your husband would get some sleep and I am sorry for the lossof your realitive. Blessings. and I have a blog to if you would like to check it.

    Blessings to you!!


  8. ruthie i love you so dearly and have not stopped thinking about you for one second over the last few days. i am so thankful to hear of the Lord's amazing blessing through your surgery and i KNOW He doesn't stop there. i am thanking Him in advance for healing you from your pain!!! i can't wait to see you and rejoice with you in person...we will dance cuz we can!!!
    misty :O)

  9. Hey Roo, I love you so much. Just got here to LA and have been thinking and praying for you the whole way. Can't wait to see your sweet face again... God is Good, I love love love you Amanda