Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ruthie Update - 4/7, 10.30 am

Hi friends, I just talked to Will on the phone, who asked that I mention this first in an update:

Ruthie's sister in law, Libby Rainwater Lindsey, found out this morning that her father, Aylmer Rainwater (of Ruston, La.), passed away this morning on his way to work, when he had a heart attack in his car. (This news comes less than a year after Lile and Ruthie's father, Lloyd Lindsey, passed away.)

Lile found out about Aylmer's death this morning, while sitting in Ruthie's room. Please pray for Alymer's wife Virginia, Libby and Lile (Ruthie's brother), and their families. Also pray for delay-free travel today, as Lile flies home to be with Libby and her family.

Will said the main concern with Ruthie is pain management. Trying to get her pain under control is a delicate process, and since she's been on pain medicine for years, her tolerance is high.

This morning she sat up in bed, which was very painful (and caused an intense headache), and ate jello, but she needs to keep sitting up and rolling on her side because, as Dr Courier told Will this morning, it's healing for her to move. Dr Courier hopes to have Ruthie walking by the end of the day, so they can transfer from the ICU to a regular room.

Ruthie has a bit of spinal fluid leakage, which they're keeping an eye on, but Will said the doctors aren't too concerned.

Will got a few hours of sleep and sounds more rested today on the phone, but he's saddened by Alymer's death and asked for everyone to pray for Lile, Libby and Virginia.

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