Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ruthie update: 4/10, 7:45 pm

What an encouraging conversation I had with Will tonight. He described it as the best day they've had since the surgery last Tuesday. He felt that everything became more steady and stabilized today. Some developments of the day:

*Ruthie had a decent night of sleep last night (about 5 hours or so) and has been able to nap off and on today a bit.

*She walked a couple of times and was planning on trying another walk again tonight.

*Her dressing has been dry when they've changed it today, indicating that the lumbar drain has been effective (it will stay in until Monday night).

*Her overall pain level throughout the day has been between 7 and 8.

*The doctor tested for clonus (see previous post from Thursday) on Ruthie's left side again today and couldn't detect it AT ALL. He said the he wasn't expecting this at all! This is a great sign of improvement. This doesn't necessarily mean that Ruthie will not experience pain in the future, but Will did remark that it could mean that certain aspects of her pain (for example, the burning sensation she has experienced in the past) may no longer be an issue.

These are all things to be incredibly thankful for. One of Ruthie's best friends, Katie, sent an email out this morning to a group of Ruthie's friends exhorting us to pray for specific encouragement for Ruthie today. I can't speak for Ruthie, but it sounds like this kind of day was an answer to those prayers and exactly what was needed...more restful and steady, hopeful rather than fearful, like the calm following a storm. Let's keep praying for more days like this and for Ruthie to be filled with hope and a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Today, the funeral for Libby's dad, Aylmer, took place in Louisiana. Apparently 2200 people showed up at his wake last night. Sounds like he was a man cherished and loved by many. Please remember Libby and her family in your prayers. May they feel the arms of God holding them tightly.


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful update Katherine!! Continuing to pray for her!!