Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just talked to Will for the evening report. First of all, it sounds as though Ruthie's pain is still elevated, but that the nurses seem to be getting a moderate handle on it. On a scale of 1 to 10, her pain level is about an 8.5 or it's still very high, but the edge has been taken off a bit.

The doctor told Ruthie at around 5:30 today that he wanted her to try to walk tomorrow. The nurses have also wanted her to move around, so tonight, they helped Ruthie walk from her bed to the door...and back! It was painful for her, but she set her mind to it and pushed through the pain and did it! The nurses were surprised that Ruthie could actually walk this length so soon after her surgery. Her doctor will be amazed when he finds out about this tomorrow. GO Ruthie!! Hopefully, she will be moving around even more tomorrow.

Ruthie wasn't ready to eat dinner when the nurse brought her a meal earlier tonight, but Will was just returning from picking up a special order of chicken wings for her from a nearby restaurant when I spoke with him on the phone. Good to hear that Ruthie has her appetite. :)

Although Ruthie is not ready to talk on the phone, she is able to get texts and check her Facebook messages, so feel free to send her messages and share lots of love with her that way.

Please pray...

*that her pain level would lessen (a consistent prayer for now)
*that Will and Marsha (Ruthie's mom) would get a good night's sleep. There is a couch in the hospital room where Will will be sleeping tonight, so pray that it would be a comfy place for him to get some rest.
*that Ruthie will continue to make progress with her mobility. She has already made so many strides so far!
*for Libby and Lile and the rest of the family as they grieve the loss of Libby's dad.

As mentioned earlier, here are 2 photos that Will sent my way:

This first one is of the big ugly wire that was removed from her neck. It's amazing she was able to do much of anything knowing that this was sticking out and piercing her spinal cord!

This next one is a scan of the fusion of her spinal cord between C1 and C3 - the result of what the doctors were able to do in surgery yesterday. Incredible. So thankful for the doctors and medical staff at Mayo to perform a highly specialized surgery so successfully!

Check back again tomorrow for further updates.
And send Ruthie some love! :)



  1. Hi Ruthie,
    I'm Gillian Peabody's sister, and have been following your story. I am so thrilled that your surgery went well today. How amazing.
    Praying for you today for strength and pain management and for Libby's family.


  2. Way to go Ruthie!! You are a rock star, walking around already. Praying, praying for your pain, for it to go away! I cannot believe that awful thing was in your neck. I'm glad that is out. Love you!!

  3. Ruthie,
    I am Ann-Haley Poag's mom. I have been praying for you this very morning...that the Lord would enfold you in His loving hands and that you would actually feel His Shalom peace enveloping you. We are thankful for you. You continue to touch so many lives. Many blessings and prayers coming your way! Kathy

  4. Amazing, Ruthie! I cannot believe that gnarly wire was in your neck and you have already been walking! Praying for your pain to flee, sweet friend!

  5. I am so proud of you, Ruthie. Stay strong! I am praying for you, Will, your family and your loving friends that keep us updated on your progress. Blessings, Suzanne Rollins

  6. From the Lindsey's of Scotland who overcame fear to cross the ocean to the new world. to David Elijah Lindsey who bravely fought the British in the Revolutioary War, to Lloyd Lile Lindsey Jr who bravely led his men in battle when no more than a boy himself, to Ruthie Lindsey Sayles, a brave and courageous woman who fought through pain to walk one day after surgery. My daddy always told me when I became scared or discouraged "Of course you can do this, you are a Lindsey" Stay strong Ruthie there are lots of people out there that love you and you will get through this.
    Your 1st Cousin once removed, Carol Lindsey Mancuso