Friday, April 9, 2010

Ruthie update: 4/9, 10:50pm

Some better news to report tonight. The doctors were finally able to insert the lumbar drain. Ruthie is resting in her new room in the neurosurgery wing with Will right now and they are currently watching Benjamin Button and about to turn in for the night. It's been a long, hard day.

One highlight of the evening: Ruthie and Will were able to ichat with their sweet friends who are taking care of their adorable dog, Ellie. Ellie is definitely good medicine for the soul, so I hope that it lifted their spirits a bit to see their precious girl. Here she is...see what I mean??

There are many names by which God is known. Restorer. Healer. Comforter. Lifter of our Heads. Redeemer of broken things. Pray that Ruthie and Will would experience Him powerfully as such in these next days.



  1. awwww the dog is sooo cute!! thats so awesome they finally insert the tube!! woooot God!! I will continue to pray for peace and stenghth for Will and especailly Ruthie. Thank you for posting all the updates about Ruthie.


  2. O Beloved Ruthie! You are hopefully getting some rest - that is hard to do in hospitals, but i am trusting the Lord to give you every minute of sleep you need,every step, every bit of courage and strength. It's Kaki (from Camp Desoto- I had the awesome opportunity to be a counselor with you). You might not even remember me, but i am just wanting to remind you of a wise woman's saying
    "live into the prayers being prayed for you" Marsha used to remind us almost everyday at camp. And i now know it was so True - especially as i have been reminded over and over again to prayer for camp,campers, and counselors. So I know you are so LOVED and MANY are praying for you. So live into those prayers MIGHTY SAINT of GOD! I looked forward to hearing more praises and one day dancing beside you to the jackson 5! You have always been such an example of Christ to me and you are a treasure and rare jewel in His Crown! Bless you and much love - Kaki Hurley (was Cantrell)