Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ruthie surgery update: 10:30pm

Just got off the phone with Will and again he gave an encouraging report! He was finally able to see Ruthie around 7:30pm (it had been around 12 hours since he had seen her before the surgery) and said that she was doing well. She has been coherent and was happy and amazed to hear Will tell her that the doctors had said the surgery had gone perfectly. It has been such a long road to this point and the way things have transpired today has been such an answer to prayer!

Will did comment that Ruthie is in a lot of pain, however, and that the pain will probably continue to be heightened throughout the night and tomorrow. The doctors have increased her medications to make her more comfortable and to take a bit of the edge off; this has also made her pretty drowsy tonight, so hopefully this will enable her to rest and get some solid sleep.

It seems as though she may be moved out of ICU sometime tomorrow afternoon and into a "regular" room in a different section of the hospital. The doctors will continue to keep a close eye on her to monitor potential infections/spinal fluid leakage. Will keep you posted as that develops.

Will said the doctors gave them the wire that was removed from her neck and that he couldn't believe how BIG it is...he described it as a thick cable with several wires twisted together and not at all like the skinnier wire he had pictured in his mind. How wonderful that it is finally out of her and that her body can begin to heal and strengthen again!

Ruthie's brothers and aunt will be heading back home in the morning. Will and Ruthie's mom will be with her until she leaves Mayo, which Will thinks may be Saturday or Sunday. What a gift that she has been surrounded by a precious family today who love and treasure her so deeply.

Some other things to be so thankful for:

*Ruthie will NOT be needing a halo to stabilize her neck and instead is in a neck brace. This had been something she had requested specific prayer for (see earlier blog post), so we are grateful that this prayer has so graciously been answered!

*The nurse who has been with Ruthie today used to live in East Nashville with her husband and knew the exact area where Will and Ruthie live. Just another example of how God continues to provide comfort and a sense of "home" in the smallest of ways to Ruthie and Will while they are at Mayo.

Some things to keep praying for...

*That the intensity of Ruthie's pain would be alleviated
*That she would be protected against infection or any other type of complication
*That Will, Marsha (Ruthie's mom), Tim and Lile (Ruthie's brothers), and Aunt Raven would all get a good night's sleep and be refreshed again in the morning. Pray for safe travel for those who will be leaving tomorrow. They have been incredible warriors for Ruthie!
*That the rest of Ruthie's recovery would go as smoothly as today's procedure did.

Thanks again for checking in to read the updates on sweet Ruthie...I know she feels so incredibly loved and encouraged by all of you, and that so many of us have also been loved well by her.

More tomorrow.



  1. WOW...praise God for his faithfulness and that His mercy is new each morning! I will continue to pray!

  2. Incredible! To God be the glory!

  3. Katherine thank you so much for keeping us posted, its nice to have such great friends keeping your friends and family so far away posted!that is awesome to hear the great news- she is such a trooper and i hate to hear she is in so much pain .i pray that god will give she & will the strength to get through her recovery and give mrs. marsha the strength to also stay strong without mr. lloyd-i can only imagine how hard it is right now not having him by her side during ruthies surgery.

  4. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the earth hear his voice. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Let the people rejoice!!
    I cannot wait to wrap my arms around you both.

  5. I wasn't able to check on the progress of the operation yesterday as I was fasting all media on Ruthie's behalf. (In hindsight, maybe not the smartest idea ;) So thankful to hear all of these answered prayers and will continue to pray for complete healing and alleviation of prayer. My husband had to undergo heart surgery last year at age 33 so I have been excited to pray with some understanding of the anxiety, the waiting, the pain and recovery. God is so beautifully faithful.