Thursday, June 25, 2009


i feel very blessed that i have been given an opportunity to go to the mayo clinic, i know that the Lord has opened this door for us and i am hoping good things come of it.  i have a appt on july 13th with 2 dr's that are interested in doing my surgery together. one is an orthopedic surgeon and one is a neurosurgeon. i have a friend that was on a waiting list for a year to get in at mayo, so its pretty amazing that i got in so quickly.  one plus to having such a freak medical  situation is that dr's are pretty interested in getting their hands on me, which is great and scary all at the same time!   there is one other dr in miami named dr green that i am also trying to get in with. some sweet friends who have been patients of his are working on getting me in with him... after i meet with the drs at mayo and hopefully the dr in miami, will and i will make our decision on what dr to go with.  please pray for wisdom and clarity for us on which dr to choose.  this is a very overwhelming and scary process, but i know it has to happen.  all i really want is for things to go back to normal, it is sort of hard to go anywhere these days without people asking me about my neck and my surgery (which i know is all coming from a very caring and loving place) but sometimes i just want to feel normal, i want to do normal things and have normal conversations that dont always center around my neck or my daddy.  it is too hard to think about these things all the time, my mind really cant handle it! i guess what i am asking is, if you see me, i would love to hear what is going on with you, or if you want to pass on something positive or encouraging to say, thats awesome! i would love to hear it!  i would really just adore some normalcy in the midst of this crazy, hard season.  please know how much i appreciate all the sweet notes, letters, encouraging and thoughtful words, and i hold those things very close to my heart... i am just trying to be better at expressing my needs.  and what i need right now is all the normalcy i can get:) so if anyone in nashville ever wants to just hang out or do something fun, i would love that!  thanks again so much for reading this and caring about me.  i am so humbled by the love and care i have in my friends and family. you guys are amazing!!!!


  1. you are very loved! and i wanna hang,
    lets shop, eat, gossip about all the latest trash on tv, etc.. :)
    miss seeing you!


  2. love you, girl. you should totally put in Michael Jackson's BAD album and dance all day. i wish i could meet you for lunch. hope your day is great!

  3. what a blessing! praise God for opening the door at the Mayo clinic! i'm bringing you some books this week.


  4. Hey girl!!! I wanted to fill you in on what is going on in our world. I just finished making a shutterfly book on our trip to Disney. Got a little carried away and it ended up being about 70 pages long. I mean...where do you draw the line. Everyone is down for a nap. We went to BR this morning. We went to the mall. They have this indoor trmapoline, and they hook you up to a bundgy cord and you just jump and jump. I wish I could have taken pics. Kitty just loved it and so did the girls. Little Tim screamed because he thought he was old enough to do it. SUch a mess!!! Then we went to Claire's and watched a little girl get her ears pierced. I had to hear them beg to get theirs done and then we went over it all over again about how we are going to wait till we are 12 :( They are such a mess. We headed to the food court, ate pizza, went to the cookie company and got cookies and an icie?? I am sure I just misspellled that. Now we are LAYING LOW!!! I need a rest on the sofa, but usually don't allow my self time to do it. The rain is coming (I HOPE), so I may go lay down and watch Ellen. Hope you are have as exciting of a Monday as we are at the Lindsey House!!! GIve our love to all!!
    love you so... Laura