Friday, July 24, 2009

mayo visit

hey guys, sorry it has been a while since i have updated this, for some reason i have been putting it off for a while now. my visit to mayo was good, hard, but good. it was actually the first time i have been in a real hospital setting since my dad passed so that shook me up pretty good. i got really emotional when we first got there.. i think that and the fact that i have not visited with any neurosurgeons since before my benefit (reason being, will has been working a ton and i dont like to visit dr's without him there) so all of that combined, it was a pretty rough start....i met with 2 dr.s that are interested in doing my surgery together, one is a neurosurgeon and the other is a orthopedic dr. i felt very comfortable with the dr who would be heading the surgery up but sadly the surgery there would cost almost double than the most expensive of all the other drs i have met with up to theres that. i am trying to just trust that the Lord will guide the right decision for us. its a really hard one though, i so wish we could go off experience but even the dr.s at mayo had never seen or heard of a case like mine, so we really have to go with our gut... please continue to pray for us in this decision, and if we are suppose to go with these dr's at mayo that we would trust that the Lord will in fact provide for us!
there is still one more dr i am hoping to visit with in miami, a sweet friend is working on it on this end and after we meet hopefully meet him we will make our decision. it has been a longer process than we have hoped for but i know we cant rush it.
i want to thank all of you for your prayers for our trip to mayo and for our sweet sweet friends im MN who housed us, fed us, gave us a car drive, and just loved on us so well, we love the Richters and the burkums! such precious friends to us! it was a huge gift to go to the richters house (who live a mile from mayo) and see their precious little boy sam who is just so filled with love and life to give, i instantly forgot i was so sad and heartbroken and just felt honored to be in their home and sharing life with them...same goes for some of our best friends the burkum's, we got to stay with them the night before we came home and our sweet friend ty flew in for just the day from the tour he is on and hung with us and cooked us an amazing meal! it was awesome! so there was great blessing surrounded by a hard but good trip to mayo! we are very blessed to have such amazing friends who love us so fully! THANK YOU!!!!
this week has been great, my brother and his family are currently at alpine camp for boys while my bro is the camp dr for the week... since they were so close my sister in law and their 4 precious kids came over on monday to spend the night with us... it was such an amazing start to the week to get to be with my precious fam that i love and adore so so much! im so so thrilled they came. it warmed my heart to spend the time will all my babies:) we had a fun night and invited over some of my best friends and their kids so we could all hang together. it was a awesome night!
again thanks for taking the time to read this, and care and pray for me. it means so very much! have a great weekend!


  1. Ruthie,
    Thanks so much for the update. I've been wondering how the visit went. I'm sorry it wasn't more conclusive but I'll pray God will make the decision very clear for you and Will. I'm so glad you have had some joyful family visits in the middle of all this. Love and miss you, sweet friend.

  2. still praying! love to you!
    anna and andy

  3. Sweet girl - thanks for taking the time to write an update. We have been praying for you & wondering how your trip went. Be assured of our continued prayers as you patiently work it all through.

    (and so thankful to God for your amazing family & friends!)

    Love Cassie.