Friday, June 5, 2009

the show! and video from the news!!!

i have not come down yet from last nights glorious benefit! it was truly one of the most special nights in my life next to the day i married my precious boy will.  the show was AMAZING! the turn out was fabulous, the auction was unreal and the love and care i felt was out of this world!!!!  i have never in my life had so many people from so many different seasons of my life be together in one place.  my heart could barely take it!  so so so many friends and family members that i love and adore! the night was dedicated to my daddy, which felt so appropriate to me.  i feel like in some way he had a huge hand in making last night the amazing night that it was!  THANK YOU THANK YOU! to all the wonderful friends and fam that made last night happen, donated your precious time and money and auction items, and to all the artists and their bands for doing such a special show for me, thank you!  i seriously feel silly trying to put words to how blessed and loved i feel for all that has been done/given to will and i. bc their truly arent words big or strong enough to tell you how thankful and blessed i feel to have the most amazing friends/family/community a girl could ever dream or ask for!  much love, ruthie
ps, the pic is of me and my sweet friend asher, he surprised me with that amazing photo of my precious daddy...he completely captured his joy and light...i was completely touched and floored..i will forever cherish that gift! 
this is a clip of the show from fox:


  1. Hi Ruthie,
    I am a friend of Nath and Cassie's, and read your story through their blog. My husband was in an accident 5 years ago and severed his spinal cord at T4, he is now in a wheelchair and also suffers chronic pain. You are blessed to have such amazing friends and a God who cares so deeply for you, I will join the many who are praying for a successful operation for you. Sending much love from down under,

  2. Hey Ruthie, how sweet to see what great friends you have! your story is truly touching so many!! best wishes to you and i'll be praying for you!!

    Mary-Kathryn Millner