Friday, May 1, 2009


will and i decided to drive down to La to surprise my mom last night. neither of us thought we would be able to be here this weekend so it was really fun to clear our schedules and get here to surprise her. she had been in new orleans for sweet elizabeth smarts's rehearsal dinner. when she saw us she just lost it, she was so excited! it was awesome! i know that coming home to a empty dark house is one of the harder things right now, so this made it so much better!
tonight we are going to LSU to a ceremony honoring my sweet daddy. he was suppose to host the event and now they are going to honor him and put him into some sort of hall of fame. im sure it will be very nice but also very hard.
tomorrow is the wedding of sarah and elizabeth smart. it will be such a wonderful celebration and im so thankful to be able to be here for it. the smarts have been such precious and dear friends of our family for as long as i can remember. my parents are also sweet lizzy's godparents. im excited to celebrate such a special day with them!
sunday is my boy's birthday. we have a really fun surprise planned for him~ its really nice to have some fun things to plan and to go to.
we are still trying to sort thru which dr's i should meet with. its very overwhelming to me. i have no clue who i should meet with or who i should go with to do my surgery! the hard part is no dr has ever seen a case like mine so we cant go with experience! so so scary. i am really struggling with feeling anxious and scared. actually i go from feeling deep sadness and loss to panic and anxiety..doesnt seem to be much of an in between~ it just feels like too much, i know the Lord says he wont give us more than we can handle but this feels like way too much to me...
thanks again for all the prayers, i believe that is what i need more than anything right now.
and thank you for taking the time to read this...


  1. Hey Ru,

    I cannot wait to see you at the wedding tomorrow. Happy early Birthday Will!

    Love you,

  2. Love you, Ruthie! So fun to learn about your mom's reaction. I hope you all have sweet time together these next few days.


  3. Hey sweet Ruthie - I have had you and your mom on my heart alot lately. We are praying for you all! much love and supernatural hope, emily holmes

  4. You're so sweet to go and see your mama. I know that had to mean so much to her.
    I hope yall have a fun, relaxing time, and you can get some rest, and have peace over the weekend.
    Love you sweet girl, and call me when you get back, miss seeing you.
    Tell Will Happy Bday from the Snows!

  5. I Ruthie Ru,

    I loved hearing about your mom's reaction. Please tell the whole gang hello from John and I. We love you.


  6. Please post about Will's surprise. Youve got me curious. I hope yall had a great weekend.

  7. Ru,

    I have been thinking of you nonstop. I am so glad you are safely back home in Nashville, and I hope I can come see you soon! I'll touch base when I'm here for a bit in the midst of my spring travels. Y'all continue to be in my prayers.

    All my love,