Friday, May 8, 2009

benefit show june 4th

i forgot to mention earlier about the benefit show my precious friends are putting on here in nashville for me.  reason being, my insurance has a pre existing condition on it with my neck and back so they wont cover anything that has to do either~ pretty crazy!  the show is going to be so amazing, so far the artists playing are landon pigg, brooke waggoner, sixpence none the richer, griffin house,  mindy smith and erin mccarley! im beyond floored and honored! the show is going to be on june 4th at rocket town.  i believe there is also going to be a silent auction during the show.  kristen dabbs, talitha moak, kellie lutito and matthew morgan are all working so hard on this and it means so much to me to have these friends and artists doing this for me!  what a gift! im truly honored~ 


  1. That is so sweet! I wish we could come--we're moving a few days before that. Continuing to pray for God to give you guys wisdom about a doctor. Love you, Gillian

  2. We think we'll make this. It will be nice to meet you and your family. Gerry Mancuso works with me via emails for family genealogy. My husband, James Marlon Lindsey and your father shared the same Great Grandfather, James Spencer Lindsey. Eddious "Ed" Elijah Lindsey and John Anderson Lindsey (were brothers) Grandparents to Marlon and your dad. Hope to see you if we work out the travels and time off. Theresa Lindsey