Sunday, November 22, 2009


so i first want to apologize for how long i am going between posts~ it has been such a long time, but i have been REALLY BUSY! some really exciting things are happening over here in nashville. so first off, i have started 2 little businesses in the last few months, the first being my skin care. i offer glycolic peels with a mini facial. i go to peoples homes and am able to spend really sweet time with people which i love. i basically have designed it in a way that is the least amount of stress on my back as possible.
secondly about a month ago i decided i really wanted a hair piece made out of an old 50's pin i found at a thrift store. i made it and got really amazing feedback on it and was asked to make some for other friends. from there a small little business was formed...i basically make really fun hair pieces out of all vintage 40's 50's and 60's jewelry. Right now they are being sold at Fruition Salon and Emmaline Boutique in nashville and next week they are going to be sold at Grandmothers Buttons in st francisville~ i feel so honored to have these stores want to carry these hair clips, it has been such a fun creative outlet for me and it excites me even more bc this is something that i will be able to continue doing after my surgery. six months ago i would never have called myself an "artist or designer" being surrounded by so many amazingly talented friends here in nashville (not to mention my incredible drummer husband) has for sure intimidated me. i believe after everything imploded 6 months ago with finding out about my neck and the upcoming surgery and then losing my daddy just weeks later, i had to set my thoughts on things that were beautiful and heavenly. i dont know that it was even intentional. but for the first time i began taking each day as a gift and wanting to use my gifts and talents to their best potential. which included me tapping into my creative self.. i began slowly redecorating rooms in our house, by going to antique malls and flea markets. then friends started asking for my help decorating their spaces~ what an honor! i LOVE helping people make their spaces become a home, where they feel peaceful, welcomed and inspired. i also began finding great vintage jewelry which eventually became part of my new hair pieces! a dear friend recently pointed out the verse Phil. 4:8 8Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
i believe in a round about way that has been one of the things that has helped me so so much this past season, surrounding myself with beautiful people and excellent surroundings, and thinking on those things has kept me feeling joyful and inspired!
we are going to do my surgery hopefully by early feb. will has been asked to be a part of the new Sixpence None the Richer record and we are waiting to hear when that is going to be recorded so that we can make sure will can be involved with it~ also, speaking of will, this summer he was asked to record on the new Norah Jones record and it just came out~ you really should ck it out, its amazing!!! im so so proud of my sweet boy!
so lastly, our dear friend Reid Rolls was here staying with us last week and while he was here he took some incredible photos of our home and my hair pieces for us, well i submitted a few pics into my very FAVORITE website called design they are going to feature our little house on their website this coming wednesday! i am so so honored to be on this site, if you have not checked it out before, do yourself a favor and do it now! it is absolutely breathtaking and awe inspiring! as many of you know i have a super hard time sleeping at night bc of my neck and the one thing that keeps me calm and happy during those restless nights is hours and hours of searching thru all the creativity of design sponge~
thanks for taking the time to read this and care about me...x0x0 ruthie sayles


  1. soo exciting!! you have been super busy, but in that incredible refreshing productive kind of way! i always smile when i think of you! i may have to get ellie to bring me a hair clip! proud of will too!

  2. Yay, Ruthie! Way to go on your businesses. And congrats to Will on the Norah Jones CD. I love that Emmeline boutique. I will look for your gorgeous clips next time I'm in there.

  3. WHAT!? design sponge!!?? that is awesome. can't wait to see your cute house! you've been on my heart lately. i appreciate your honesty, and pray for your stamina and complete healing - body and soul. much love.

  4. Ruthie, Just stopping by from Design Sponge to wish you well! I was so touched by your bedroom reno in an effort to make it a lovely place to spend time post-surgery. And lots of luck on your 2 new businesses:-)

  5. i found you via design sponge, and was in awe of all the beautiful things you've placed within your home. and then i started looking through your archives, and started understanding why you needed that beautiful bedroom, and something to do with your hands. you'll be in my prayers as you face your surgery.

    not that you are in need of perfect strangers quoting you song lyrics, but matt redman's new album is all about the faithfulness of the Lord, especially when walking through trial. it's really brought me a lot of encouragement, and it might do the same for you.

  6. ruthie - i ran across some of your hairclips recently & they were beautiful! i was so excited when i found out where they'd come from. your creative, delicate designs are yet another testament to the fact that our God really does bring beauty out of brokeness. that's good news to this broken girl. thankful for you.