Saturday, April 25, 2009

dearest friends

i came home to nashville tonight to a home that had been re decorated by my dear friend evie, cleaned by my sweet friends leslie and abby, food from katie, chandeliers hung by the moak's, flowers from evie, and the sweet faces of all of these precious girls plus katherine! it made coming back to nashville feel alot better, i think a big part of me feels anxious to have left st francisville and my family, it sort of made everything feel finalized.. dont really know how to explain it, but i know it makes me feel very sad. i am so blessed to have such precious friends in my life who have loved me so very well, i keep asking the Lord to please show up and i think that one of the ways he is doing this is by giving me such wonderful friends. i am also SO touched bc the other day i got an email from my friend talitha and she said that she and kristen dabbs are going to organize a benefit concert here in nashville for me to raise money for my surgery! i am so touched and so honored by this that i hardly have words! it is quite a humbling experience, all of this. it is quite hard to receive. i am ready to be able to be on the other side and to give!
all of this to say, i am deeply touched by the rich love i feel from my dear friends and family, all the sweet notes, the around the clock prayers, phone calls, texts, emails, etc...i know how richly blessed i am! im sorry that i have not personally responded to everyone but please know how much it all means to me and i hold every word near and dear to my heart! feeling very loved, ruthie

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  1. What an amazing blessing... It's wonderful to read how God has surrounded you with such loving support.

    Touring through VA right now - you're top of the list when we land back in Nash. Can't wait to see you and hug you (and check-out the Evie-decorated home!)

    Love & prayers, Ct x